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BMA Oncology book of the year

4th Oct 2018

This years’ winner of the BMA Oncology Book of the Year is “Problem Solving in Patient-Centred and Integrated Cancer Care”. Prof Annmarie Nelson, Scientific Director of the Marie Curie Palliative Care Research Centre, and colleagues Dr Jim Fitzgibbon and Kate Cleary of the Wales Cancer Research Centre, were commissioned to write a chapter in the book on patient and public involvement.

Capacity building

22nd Aug 2018

Capacity building. We have significantly increased capacity in this quarter with the capture of a new PhD studentship examining late effects of radiotherapy on function in high grade glioma patients, and the appointment of two joint WCRC/Clinical Implementation Board posts.

End of life care for care home residents

14th May 2018

End of life care for care home residents. Sixteen percent of all deaths registered in Wales during 2016 took place in a care home. We have undertaken a survey, commissioned by the End of Life Care Board and funded by Welsh Government, to  identify the key challenges to delivering high quality end of life care in care homes in Wales.

What are the next steps in social care for people with cancer?

12th Apr 2018

What are the next steps in social care for people with cancer?  In June 2016 the Wales Cancer Research Centre (WCRC) held a Social Care and Cancer Conference which brought together academics, government, statutory and third sector professionals with patient representatives to identify key service challenges and prioritise areas where research can support future practice change in relation to social care for people with cancer. Find out what the next steps are.

Brain Cancer Workshop

19th Mar 2018

Hosted by the Marie Curie Palliative Care Research Centre and the European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute, this workshop will provide an overview of current basic, translational and clinical activities at Cardiff covering brain cancer research, diagnosis and therapy.

Survey on death and dying

1st Feb 2018

Please take part in our survey to find out about people’s attitude towards death and dying in Wales. We want to know what people think and how they feel about death and dying. We want to understand what people know and if they have any preferences about issues related to death and dying. We hope that the findings will help services to better understand the public perception around death and dying and develop informed service delivery.

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