9th May 2014

Four Nations: sharing practice in public involvement – Conference Report

A one-day conference to share and build on public involvement contributing to health research in the UK was held on 9 May 2014 at University Hall, Cardiff University, with keynote speaker Sir Iain Chalmers of the James Lind Initiative. The conference was hosted by Involving People and Marie Curie Palliative Care Research Centre Cardiff and provided an exciting opportunity to share examples of public involvement in health research, with speakers from across the UK.

The Wales Cancer Trials Unit (WCTU) has a strong history of, and commitment to, involving lay people in its work. Research Partners, as they are known in the Unit, serve on its Trial Management Groups and Steering Committees. There are currently 23 Research Partners working with the WCTU, all actively involved in at least one trial.

This Conference  showcased some of the PPI work done at the WCTU alongwith other Units from around the UK. A Conference Report has been produced giving an overview of each presentation and workshop, together with a summary of delegate feedback.