Summary of the responsibilities of the Sponsor

Every research study needs to have a confirmed sponsor in place before approval of the study can be granted. For example if the study was part of an MSc project the University would be the sponsor of the research. If this were a large scale study funded across multiple sites a Trust, Health board or University might be the sponsor. Normally as a host organisation you would not hold sponsorship for a study.

The research sponsor is an individual or organisation that will hold overall responsibility for the study. The sponsor of a study will remain ultimately responsible for the conduct of the research and will ensure all final data generated from the study complies with all regulations, it is therefore important you are aware who the sponsor is and that you have written confirmation of this for your study site file.

For large scale studies formal agreements between you as a host organisation and the sponsor may be required. If in doubt seek advice from your research lead or local R&D department.

More detail of the role of the sponsor is clearly described in the Research Governance Frameworks