Host Organisation – Executive Summary:

  • Care providers are responsible for all aspects of patient care, including research participation.
  • All research studies being undertaken must follow the guidelines of the Research Governance Framework.
  • The Framework applies to any research taking place within your organisation. This also includes day care or community team settings.
  • All staff, no matter how junior or senior involved in research must follow the guidelines set.
  • Remember these responsibilities will apply to all research carried out in your organisation; even by those who are not direct members of staff.
  • Indemnity - it is your responsibility that the indemnity would cover any proposed research being undertaken, this should be clarified with your insurance company

What this achieves:

  • The framework improves research quality and helps to safeguard patients.
  • Research governance ensures all checks are in place and that all research projects have been reviewed as set out by the Framework.
  • Ensures all research is conducted to high ethical standard.
  • Highlights channels of patient focus research

Normally as a host organisation you would not hold sponsorship for a study


Host organisation - your responsibility
Responsibility of a Principal Investigator