Host Organisation – your responsibility

  • If your organisation is taking part in a study which is classed as research you will have responsibilities in relation to the conduct of that research, as described in the Research Governance Framework.
  • You will be very familiar with governance concepts from a clinical and corporate perspective; research governance is similar in its requirements.
  • The Research Governance framework was introduced with direct relevance for all those who host, participate in, fund or manage Research & Development within health and social care. It would also relate to your organisation if, for example, research was undertaken in a day care/clinic setting or information about research was to be given to patients at home by homecare/community specialist teams.
  • The framework improves research quality and safeguards the public by promoting good practice and reducing adverse incidents, ensuring lessons are learnt and poor performance is prevented.
  • If the research taking place is not being undertaken by a direct member of staff but is being carried out within your organisation or incorporating your patients the framework would still need to be followed.
  • It is the responsibility of organisations providing health or social care in Wales to be aware of all research being undertaken in their organisation, involving participants, or organs, tissue or data obtained though the organisation.
  • It is important that as a host organisation the indemnity would cover any proposed research being undertaken, this should be clarified with the insurance company.