Appropriate skills

Appropriate skills are required by different staff groups to ensure the study is run to the highest standard. Training in relevant areas may be required prior to recruitment taking place.


Postgraduate study

  • Ensure there is appropriate supervision
  • Check the study has followed the correct processes within the University e.g. Peer review of the scientific quality
  • Request evidence that the student has been trained sufficiently in the methodology they plan to use e.g. patient interviews
  • Training in methodology is available if sufficient training has not been carried out.



  • All staff involved in the research project will be delegated particular tasks e.g. consenting patients, holding interviews and taking blood if required, ensure they have received relevant training for the allocated task. Training Requirements
  • Good Clinical Practice (GCP) is a process by which those involved in research can receive a formal instruction on all aspects of study conduct including regulatory requirements and good practice covering clinical trials and other studies conducted within health and social care settings in Wales.
  • Good Clinical Practice (GCP) is a legal requirement for all staff when taking part in a study which involves a medicinal product.


Principal Investigator


Principal Investigator