Sufficient Patients

Sufficient Patients Overview

When reviewing a research study you need to ensure you have the correct patient base within your organisation. You need to ensure you would be able to recruit the expected number of patients by reviewing the patient eligibility for participation.

Is your patient base large enough?

  • Have you got a flow of patients who would qualify for participating in the study?
  • Would you be able to fulfil the expected number of patients recruited within your setting in order for the study to be completed?
  • Would you advertise this study to patients? If so ensure advertising material is approved by the ethics committee and only displayed within your organisation. Make sure there is a robust process in place to keep information current, e.g. removing advertising immediately upon cessation of study.

Is it relevant to your patients?

  • Have you got the correct patient intake to participate in the study in question?
  • Would your patients be eligible?
  • Would this study conflict with other studies taking place within your organisation or result in undue burden for your patients?