Social Care Research

In 2016, the Wales Cancer Research Centre (WCRC) received funding from Health and Care Research Wales to undertake research about cancer and social care - a new area of work that sits within the Community research theme. Further information will be made available on this page as this new strand of work is developed.


Social Care Research Position Statement

As there is currently no single agreed definition of social care, in October 2016, we reviewed and adapted existing social care literature to create a working definition applicable to adult cancer care.

This definition aims to provide a comprehensive description of social care that includes the full range of adult social care services, as well as the support needs of individuals diagnosed with cancer and their carers. It will be used in conjunction with social care research guidelines to help us identify research opportunities that we believe will result in improved social care and support, and better experiences for people with cancer, and their carers, in Wales.


WCRC’s Working Definition of Social Care.

Social care refers to a range of services provided across different settings, usually in the community. Social care services may offer advice, personal care, practical assistance, promotion of equality and protection of rights to adults diagnosed with cancer, and their carers, who require extra support to meet their personal, practical, emotional, economic and social needs. The supportive functions of social care aim to improve quality of life, and to enhance wellbeing on an individual, community and societal level.


In 2016, Health and Care Research Wales developed social care research guidelines that will further inform our work.

Please refer to our Position Statement for full details.


National survey of support to adult care homes in England: A specialist palliative care provider perspective

We have undertaken a survey, commissioned by Public Health England with input from the National Council for Palliative Care and Hospice UK, to examine the role of specialist palliative care in providing support to care homes in England. This survey of organisations providing specialist palliative care services to care homes highlights the good work they do and identifies the key challenges they face. Survey Report August 2017


For information about our social care research, please email Alisha Newman at, or call 02920687948